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Awen Growth offers a unique approach:

  • solve problems through an appreciative and creative lens

  • create environments to allow you and your team to be at your best 

  • help individuals and teams unite with their core values to shape culture

  • empower you and your team to focus on strengths in order to maximize potential and increase bottom line 

  • engage the collective wisdom of you and your team; we all care about what we create


Balance Health & Business

My unique mix of skills and education in health, art, fitness and business provides me with a depth of knowledge and experience to add value.​


Using the principles of appreciative inquiry, we will work together to pinpoint goals and setup an effective plan to achieve them.  We will focus on what works to keep you motivated and moving forward.


Tactical Action Plans

If you are ready to commit to life long success through long term habit change, then you have come to the right place. The results are going to improve your health and bottom line.


book coaching


Naomi is a wife, mother of four, and a multi-business owner with a passion for teaching and helping others reach new heights both personally and in business.  Her background and degrees in education and kinesiology, the ups and downs of business, her training with the Xchange collective intelligence leadership and facilitation and Yoga teacher training have created a solid foundation for her to help others.  

Naomi is motivated by her passion for understanding and applying the principles of appreciative inquiry and facilitation in both business and everyday life.  She is continuously studying and stretching herself in an effort to expand her wealth of knowledge.
She is the founder of Awen Growth and co-founder of several companies with her husband.

Naomi has always been passionate about creativity! She believes in the innovation and expansion that occurs with creativity. She helps individuals and businesses combine the growth that comes with creativity to engage the mind, enable new ways of thinking, and allow connection to bloom. She uses her skills in education, ceramics and art, yoga, kinesiology and facilitation to provide a unique experience. 

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410 - 210A 12A St N Lethbridge AB T1H 2J1  |  Tel: 403-849-1794

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